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March, 28, 2012

Verbs with two objects (direct object and indirect object)

A trusted academic writing company helps one come up with a good academic paper by ensuring that the basic grammar rules are strictly followed and applied. A statement used in the paper is usually composed of a subject, preposition, and verb. The above-mentioned examples such as say, explain, confirm, and confess are transitive verbs. A transitive verb is a type of verb that expresses a doable action. Therefore, any action word can be placed before or after the indirect object.

March, 21, 2012

Gerund vs. Infinitive

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March, 14, 2012

Articles A or The

As part of the custom essay writing services, this discussion about articles a/an and the is written to provide you with resource and information that can serve as your essay help. Thus, through this you can gain more knowledge on the proper use of such articles and understand the difference of their usage.

March, 07, 2012

The amount of

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