Conclusion for Compare and Contrast Essay Example + Pro Tips

A top-tier essay ends with a BANG, rather than a whimper. A conclusion to compare and contrast essay should electrify your reader, not put them to sleep. Give them something to mull on, engage them with a new observation, reverberate your best points and, who knows, maybe you’ll GET AN A. Still not sure how to start a conclusion in an essay? We’ve got you covered. Below you can find a metric ton of practical tips and even an essay conclusion example. Enjoy!

Conclusion to a Compare and Contrast Essay – Tips & Free Example

To conclude an essay, you have to draw its main argument to a close. The best way to learn how it’s done is to analyze our compare and contrast essay conclusion sample. But before we go there, you need to know the key elements of the closing paragraph. To make a conclusion in an essay, make sure to write the following:

The core sentence of your conclusion is a paraphrased thesis statement. It must capture the main idea of the essay and its scope. An example of an effective paraphrase is below:

Original Quote

Effective Paraphrase

Despite bearing several superficial similarities, the differences between Stoicism and Taoism are pronounced, and they merit rigorous scrutiny.

Although Stoicism and Taoism bear some minor similarities, the differences between them are clear, and they deserve a thorough investigation.

Call the reader’s attention to the similarities and differences between the compared subjects by discussing several points of comparison. There is no need to reiterate each argument in your conclusion; mention only the most important ones.

If an essay prompt calls for an evaluative approach, make sure to take a position in favor of one subject over the other. To understand whether there is a need for your opinion in the conclusion, look for the following words in the prompt: evaluate, explain, assess, choose, and analyze among others. Explain your position in reference to the main points of comparison.

Compare and Contrast Essay Conclusion Example

To summarize, even though Stoic doctrine dovetails with that of Taoism along some of their foundational precepts, it is wrong to maintain that the philosophic schools are two sides of the same coin. Whereas practitioners of Taoism champion purposeful striving and an overall passive attitude, their philosophical counterparts argue that a distinction is to be drawn between what is virtuous and what is not. On the basis of that distinction, which is made solely through analytic reasoning, Stoics have to act. Furthermore, value judgments made by Stoics are circumvented by Taoists who believe them to be at odds with the doctrine of spontaneity (the Wu-Wei principle). As such, the two philosophical traditions cannot be more dissimilar, which is a point acknowledged by the major scholars of ancient philosophy cited in the essay.

How to Write a Good Conclusion for an Essay

You are on your way to becoming a masterful essayist. Soon, enough you’ll be able to conclude any paper with ease. There are, however, a few things that you have to learn to do a conclusion for an essay like a real pro.

  1. Use Uniform Comparison/Contrast Criteria

Set clear criteria for comparison or contrast and then use the uniformly throughout your conclusion. Make sure that the same set of criteria is used for the evaluated subjects.



Stoicism is chiefly a philosophy of personal ethics informed by an elaborate system of logic. In contrast, Taoism is a Chinese philosophical tradition.

Stoicism is a philosophical tradition of Athenian origin. In contrast, Taoism is a school of philosophy founded in China.

  1. Use Compare and Contrast Words

To show the similarities and differences between the subjects of your essay, use transition signals in the conclusion.



  • Similarly
  • Likewise
  • Also
  • Just like
  • Not dissimilar to
  • Are alike
  • Are the same
  • Not only…but also
  • In contrast
  • On the other hand
  • While
  • Whereas
  • Is dissimilar to
  • Is different from
  • Is unlike
  • However
  1. Use Conclusion Words

Below are useful transitional expressions to connect ideas in your conclusion:

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