Serial Killer Research Papers: Example and Topic Suggestions

However captivating paper topic of this kind may seem, not every student turns to be good at it. Everyone studying jurisprudence or criminology faces the subject of serial killers. Therefore, it’s crucial to cover this area well enough. The following is a sample research paper exploring serial killers, their behavior and sociology as well as the list of topics for you to consider.

Research papers on serial killers traditionally regard them as people who have a certain psychological motivation to kill. According to a study of serial killers, the murders are committed in a unique fashion, and the killer has a particular mark or sign that they are known for throughout their ‘career’. While selecting a victim, the murderers follow special patterns so that all victims have something peculiar. What do serial killers have in common and what can separate them from the public? Most often such people have mental disorders, exhibit predatory or sensation-seeking behavior, they have troubles being employed, especially, on the menial jobs, are likely to have experienced some kind of abuse in childhood and have been involved in petty crimes - theft, fraud, vandalism, etc.

Different Types of Serial Killers

It might be impossible to understand what makes serial killers tick and categorize them, however, we can review their practices and methods so that to define their type of criminal. Below are 4 types of serial killers specified by Holmes and DeBurger (1998) in terms of the causes of murder:

Unlike male serial murderers who are most often driven by sexual desires, women have much more pragmatic and practical approach to their killings. Besides, the typology described above, types of female serial killers add up comfort murderers who kill people physically  and emotionally closest to them (husbands, lovers, etc.) and disciple killers who commit crimes because of their involvement in sects or cults

Common Types of Serial Killers Psychology

Frankly speaking, there is no clear-cut typology that describes what is inside the minds of serial killers. However, numerous studies on serial killers psychological aspects give us a reasonable understanding in order to help investigators to piece together the clues of murders. Here are some of the psychological theories towards serial killers used in criminology:

Sociology of Serial Killers

Sociology study serial killers from a psychological as well as criminological standpoint. How do cultural or structural variables influence an individual’s chances to become a murderer? Are serial killers born or made? What are the differences in behaviors of organized and disorganized killers? These and much more questions have been examined by sociologists for years.

Scientists say there is a certain Schemata (set of requirements) that makes an individual to be deemed as a serial murderer. This allows police and other protection authorities to take preventative steps in place. They also consider such criminals to be impulsive, risk-taking, non-verbal, and having low self-control. Many theories in effect seek roots of self-control in childhood experiences. Almost all studies of the subject state that childhood turns out the undercurrent why serial killers act in the manner they do.

10 Serial Killer Research Paper Topics

If you're looking for unique suggestions for research paper on serial killers, consider the following topics:

  1. Criminological theories for serial killers and crime explanations.
  2. Serial killers - are they born or made?
  3. Rehabilitation and treatment of serial killers in prison.
  4. Serial killers and their impact on Hollywood’s culture.
  5. Forensics required to track a serial killer and convict them.
  6. Social standings that have an impact on serial killers.
  7. Is it possible to cure a serial killer?
  8. What are some of the behaviors of female serial killers?
  9. What is the main difference between a serial killer and mass murderer in modern culture?
  10. Parenting styles that are conducive to breeding a serial killer and other sociopathic deviants.

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